Most of our songs tell a story or make an observation about life.

They are almost always personal and reflect emotions and feelings that we ourselves have. There are exceptions but in general, they come from the heart. To write from the heart you must expose yourself. Let the listener in on your secret feelings that you might otherwise not reveal. It is the vulnerability that makes the song genuine. The listener can tell what is real and what is contrived. They connect with the real and reject the contrived. They judge your sincerity. The sincerity of the lyrics, the vocals and even the instrumentation.

This is a big piece of why I love to be a musician. There are few places in life where you can truly be yourself. Most of the time, I am a private person. Like most of us, I share my private thoughts with those closest to me. Through music I am able to share my thoughts and feelings in a very open way. I can say I am joyful, grateful, sad , offer an apology, celebrate my children or just make a joke.

It is all there in the music.

From our hearts to you.

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Great Divide

We will soon be releasing a new song and video entitled “ The Great Divide “. The song and video are about the ever increasing division in political ideology in our country. It is not a political statement but more of commentary on how badly we treat each other when we disagree. We have lost the ability to tolerate an opinion other than our own. It does not seem to matter if it is conservative, liberal or centrist. We cannot respectfully listen to a different point of view.

There is a section of the lyric that goes:

I know you hurt

I know you care

But all this hate will never repair

The Great Divide

It is a sad state of affairs when we cannot listen to each other.  The implications are ominous. As in any relationship, when you stop listening the fear of the other just grows. When you feel you are not being heard, you shout louder. It is getting pretty loud in here !

The Great Divide

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Tears In Heaven

It has been said that music is the language of the soul. I believe this is true. Everyone has feelings and emotions. Joy and sadness, anger and fear, love and hate. All of us have them. They can rule you or be cruel to you. The worst thing that you can do is deny or bury them. Still many of us do. Music lets you connect to them . In doing so you can come to terms with your soul. So when an artist composes from the heart it is a gift and an invitation to share your feelings. A chance to cathartically connect with whatever the song is about.

A good example of this is the song I heard Eric Clapton sing tonight. It is called “ Tears in heaven “.  It is a song about great loss and sadness. One that I am sure is very personal to Eric. So many of us have experienced great loss in our lives. It is in some way a part of life, especially as you get older. But how do you come to terms with overwhelming loss ? Eric invites us to connect and come to terms through his song. For some of us it may be the only way we can. Too painful to do it on our own.

Thank you Eric and all the other artist who compose from the heart. Life would be much harder without you.

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Making music with my friends

I was watching a 60 minute interview with Paul McCartney last night. The interviewer showed Paul a clip of the famous concert on the roof of Apple studios. She asked why they looked so happy if they were breaking up ?

In my mind there are very few things in life that are as much fun as performing music with friends. In our case it is 6 of us, in time, on pitch performing a song that in many cases we wrote. The audience is smiling or tapping their feet. That tells us that we sound good. What really feels good is how connected we are on stage. People tell us we look like we are having fun. We are. It does not matter that we are not well known. We could be playing in front of a hundred people or just for ourselves. For me, the reward for working on my musicianship is the connection with my friends making music.

I would guess that is why the Beatles were smiling that day.

– JD

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Why do we want a live audience ?

There is nothing like a live show. We have performed in front of large and small audiences. The one thing that remains constant is the connection that occurs when you perform live. To look into the faces and see that they are enjoying your performance is amazing. To see someone tapping their feet or clapping is to know that they too feel the music. It creates an energy between you that is palpable. It does not need to be thousands or even hundreds in the audience. It just needs to be an audience that is receptive. Whether you are dancing in the aisle or quietly listening in your seat we know you are with us.

See you soon!

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Every generation has it’s music…

It seems that every generation has its music.

From the fifties right up to today you can chart the passage of time by the changes in popular music.

It feels as if the new music always pushes out the old. The children of the eighties still listen to their favorite artists and their songs.

However there is no new music. Greats like Billy Joel and the Eagles still fill arenas and stadiums to play their hits. Should they attempt anything new they are met with a much less enthusiastic response.

Don Henley recently put out an album entitled Cass County. Joe Walsh released Analog Man. Both records are great (in my opinion) .
Not many people have heard them. Why are all those Eagles fans so unreceptive to new music even from their favorite artist.

I have no answers.

I do know this. Life is long and getting longer all the time. It is not over at 60 years old. Soon that may be the midpoint for our children or children’s children.

We are all living longer. That means to me that there is more that I can do.

No rocking chair on the porch for this dude !!!

I am going to listen and make new music.
Join me.

– JD

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