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  1. Jim Dolan Donates $100,000 to ALS...

    Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 11:46 AM



    Last night, the sound of 7,422 kazoos being played simultaneously by Eagles fans at Madison Square Garden resulted in a world record and – as pledged – a $100,000 donation by Jim Dolan to the ALS Association.

    Dolan, Madison Square Garden Executive Chairman and Cablevision Systems Corporation CEO, was performing as frontman for his band – JD & The Straight Shot -- the opening act for the Eagles concert Thursday night. He was joined on stage by Knicks stars Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire, Rangers all-star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist and tennis legend John McEnroe for the landmark moment.

    Kazoos were distributed to ticket-holders as they entered The Garden for the Eagles concert on Thursday. When the band launched into “Governor’s Song,” a song from its new album, Where I’ve Been, the fans joined Dolan, Anthony, Stoudemire, Lundqvist and McEnroe for the kazoo solo. But in this case, it was a “solo” performed by 7,422 participants. The mission accomplished, Dolan announced his $100,000 donation to ALS. The kazoo challenge started last Friday on The Today Show when Dolan participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and then challenged fans to join him in breaking the kazoo record.

  2. JD & The Straight Shot Perform...

    Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 11:50 AM
  3. New Album “Where I’ve Been”...

    Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 3:00 PM

    Get JD & The Straight Shot's new album, Where I've Been, now on iTunes!


    01 Palm Reader
    02 Where I've Been
    03 Hard To Find
    04 Under That Hood
    05 The Drift- PT 1
    06 Violet's Song
    07 Going Nowhere Good
    08 White Bird
    09 Girls Night Out
    10 Governor's Song
    11 History
    12 Fall From Grace
    13 The Drift- PT 2


    Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 7:00 AM

    It starts with a kazoo…well, 6,000 of them, to be exact…and ends with a $100,000 donation to ALS.

    Earlier on the “TODAY” show, Jim Dolan accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Knicks legend Patrick Ewing, Rangers General Manager Glen Sather and Inglewood, California Mayor James T. Butts as Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh doused him with ice water on live TV. Dolan then issued a fun and unique challenge of his own to benefit the ALS Association.

    Dolan challenged fans attending Madison Square Garden on September 18 to join him in an unprecedented gathering of 6,000 people simultaneously playing the kazoo.

    Combining his passion for music with his commitment to philanthropy, Dolan has pledged a $100,000 donation to ALS if the world record is set during this extraordinary undertaking.

    This landmark moment for charity will take place at approximately 7:15 p.m. when the Eagles’ opening band -- JD & the Straight Shot – perform the song “Governor’s Blues,” which includes a kazoo solo. The band will be joined onstage by several celebrity guests and asks for the participation of the entire crowd. Fans will receive a kazoo upon entering the Arena. The crowd will be instructed on how to play the kazoo section of the song.

    In addition to being Madison Square Garden Executive Chairman and Cablevision Systems Corporation President and CEO, Dolan is also founder and frontman of JD & The Straight Shot. On September 13 and 18, the band will open for the Eagles at Madison Square Garden as part of the launch for their upcoming album, Where I’ve Been, produced by Joe Walsh. The band’s fifth album features several breakthrough singles including “Governor’s Blues,” which challenges some of today’s most well-known political figures; “Under That Hood,” a transformative single that tells the tragic story of Trayvon Martin; and “Hard to Find,” which will be featured in the highly-anticipated film, St. Vincent’s, starring Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.

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